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Jaurene Blacklock
Online Therapy Session
Online, CO
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Thursday, July 11
10:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Jaurene Blacklock (She/Her) Aurora therapist, Jaurene Blacklock, LPC, CACIII, is a veteran therapist who sees adults, children, families, couples, and adolescents. She is licensed in Colorado as a professional counselor, and she has earned the State's highest certification for treating alcohol and drug problems, the CACIII. She provides adult therapy, therapy for addictions, marriage therapy, couples counseling, family therapy, child therapy, and adolescent therapy. In Jaurene's words: Welcome, I'm a licensed Aurora therapist / certified addictions counselor providing individual/ family/ couples/ child / substance abuse therapy and relapse prevention. For 25 years I've had the pleasure of helping people from various diverse backgrounds. My style is solution focused, strength based. Specialized in mood disorders (depression/anxiety), relationship issues(couples/divorce/families & children) and dual diagnosis (addictions/mental health). I am here to cater to your needs. My style is eclectic by nature and I have been trained in various theories. I use the one most appropriate for each individual I am treating. I lean towards the Choice Theory, Reality Therapy, and Solution Focused Therapy because these tend to help clients quickly find what they want and wish to accomplish. At my Aurora therapy office, I help my clients look at how realistic and attainable their desires and needs are; then we take the steps needed together to explore "wants verses needs." My role is to assist in the elimination of unproductive behavior by revisiting and targeting what has not worked and what does work. The goal is to promote positive, productive CHANGE. As needed I use the Client Centered approach (listening and being supportive), as well as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (retraining thoughts, emotions, and behaviors) and Dialectic Behavior Therapy (teaching a way of noticing but not responding to irrational thinking). By any means ethically necessary, I aim to help those who need to be set free from past baggage. My services are designed with YOU in MIND. I Specialize in PEOPLE and work well with all races and ethnicities.
Ages Available
  • 10-12 Children
  • 13-18 Teens
  • 1-9 Children
  • 19-25 Young Adults
  • 26-64 Adults
  • Gender:
    Black or African American
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    • Abuse Survivors
    • Adjustment Disorder
    • Alcohol Abuse
    • Anger Management
    • Anxiety
    • Bipolar Disorder
    • Blended Families
    • Child Abuse
    • Christian Counseling
    • Codependency
    • Cognitive Behavioral...
    • Conduct Disorder
    • Crisis Counseling
    • Depression
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