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patricia ryan-johnson
Online Therapy Session
Online, CO
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Wednesday, September 27
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
patricia ryan-johnson (She/Her) Welcome. I know that it takes courage to reach out for support, so, thank you for taking the first step to a more fulfilled and happier life. Let me help to address the concerns that are preventing you from achieving wellness by replacing those concerns with helpful, positive thoughts and behaviors. Together, we will establish a supportive, trusting, therapeutic relationship that will enable us to begin the healing process. By way of introduction, my name is Patricia Ryan-Johnson. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. For over 13 years I worked with children and adults to address their concerns. I help people with acute and chronic illnesses and their caretakers and siblings to overcome anxiety, depression, trauma, emotional abuse, domestic violence, relationship issues, self esteem, marriage and family concerns. Client Centered Therapy is the approach I use. My belief is that my client is the expert of his or her life. Together we develop short and long-term goals based on what is prioritized. Initially we will complete an assessment to determine a level of care. We will do this by examining psychosocial stressors and identifying strengths to address those stressors. We will then develop a plan and set out to make the changes that will lead to you to wellness. We will develop coping mechanisms and introduce them as needed to overcome obstacles. Where appropriate we will apply Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, examining the relationship between our thoughts, behaviors and feelings. We will determine what negative thoughts are not based in reality and replace them with helpful thoughts that increase positive self talk to aid in the healing process. Applying Client Centered therapy, I will focus on the importance of you feeling unconditionally accepted. In working with children we “play” with toys, sand and artwork. Through play we are able to explore the feelings and concerns that are affecting the child and causing distress. Play is how children best accomplish work and this is a fun time that leads to healing and feelings of hope and well-being. Children often look forward to these sessions and the work that transpires is meaningful. I look at the world from my clients’ perspective, with a focus on personalized care and treatment in an environment that supports dignity, compassion and respect. I look forward to meeting with you to work on developing and recognizing your abilities and strengths and to enable you to achieve a wellness lifestyle. Please contact me to start on your path or your child’s path to wellness today.
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